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Welcome to the my exciting world of sensual touch. Here, you will find the perfect blending of Eastern and Western techniques that offers to you and amazing experience with lasting benefits.

Well trained in the art of Sensual Massage, I have extensive skills to include the Eastern techniques developed in the traditional Lingam Massage. I have serious talents when it comes to Sensual Body Rubs and provided regular sessions for years until I realized there are hundreds of girls in my area that offer the same ole thing.  Quick rub downs and happy conclusions is so common and ordinary that I knew men needed offerings that were more exciting ! I have been told that my sensual massage techniques are so good that I'm almost too therapeutic !! It was meant as a criticism !! Add more sensuality into my touch was main point of this ! I get it. I'm always open to good suggestions ! I'm not an egomaniac that believes I have all  the answers. I like to have happy repeat clients. This should be every  provider's ultimate goal, if it is not then there is something wrong with their thought process.

Anyways, let me tell you a little bit about me. I'm a 38 year old woman with a big round firm booty and cute C breasts ! They are real and still fairly perky. I'm a strong, confident woman that takes pride in her appearance and I'm always well groomed. I'm 5'6" and weigh about 150 pounds so I'm healthy but not fat ! I'm very proportionate as most people say.

My tantric touch  sessions are a unique blend of sensual and therapeutic. Let me explain.


First, I use the 3 touch tantric system which includes the rub, the scratch session and the feather touch session. I briefly describe it below so that you get a good idea of what to expect when you are with me. Most gals give a quick rub down and finish you off to get you out the door. Not here. My body rub is only the foreplay !! It is intended to tantalize and put you in a physical and mental state of relaxation in order to maximize the outcome of your Lingam Session

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the man’s privates. The main goal in the Lingam Sessionis ejaculatory control. Although a happy release is not the main focus, it is a rather wonderful and enjoyable side effect. With this type of a sensual therapy, a variety of stokes and grips will be used to worship your Lingam and help you to expand your ability to receive pleasure. Over time and with practice, this type of massage can help improve your stamina and increase your ability to prolong sexual encounters. Learning to allow the Lingam to build up energy will make for a more intense release when the time does come.

The Lingam Massage is the penile massage and is different from a conventional massage, bringing many  unique benefits to a man.

The touch types developed in the Lingam Massage is unique in each provider but with the same purpose of always seeking to help you discover new sensations, muscle toning, delay ejaculation and longevity of the erection. The Lingam Massage or penile massage, seeks a greater connection between body and mind trying to un-link pleasure in the genital area so that you have more control of your peaks. There is an art to sensing a man's orgasmic state, knowing when he's about to peak, knowing when to slow things down or increase pressures !!! Action....reaction !!! I help guide your body through this state and with each "stop" and "control" moments, I help train you to do this on your own. 

The hands are used in Tantric Body Rubs and Lingam Massage as a means to channel and carry energy throughout the body. Although, the Lingam Massage makes it sound like the "Lingam" or the penis is the main focus, this is not true. Attention is given to all part of your body with the purpose of channeling your energy to the Lingam area for the final phase of your session. My loving touch body rub covers your entire body from head to toe. I use feathery touches and light body scratching to stimulate your body yet relax your mind. I'm well trained and each movement is purposeful and intended to help bring about a spectacular explosive end to your session.

Now for the closure of your ultimate tantric experience…the Lingam Tantra Control. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the main goal in the Lingam Massage is ejaculatory control. Although an O is not the main focus, it is a rather wonderful and enjoyable side effect. With this type of a massage a variety of stokes and grips will be used worship your Lingam and help you to expand your ability to receive pleasure. Over time and with practice, this type of massage can help improve your stamina and increase your ability prolong sexual encounters. Learning to allow the Lingam to build up energy will make for a more intense release when the time does come.

The length of this portion of your session will vary. It will depend on how responsive you are and how much control you currently have. Times vary with each individual and will depend on how well you can resist releasing and my ability to help you with that. Yes, I have techniques that can help you with this as I will explain in a minute. Most girls you find online want to rush you to this point of the rub and to rush you through it !! I will not! This part is as important as the hour or so that I spent stimulating and preparing the rest of your body for this portion of your session. No rushing through this, it will defeat the purpose. If we do this on a regular basis, your control will grow and this portion of your session will last longer and longer. After I describe this part type of session, I want you to image you having this done for 10,15 or 20 minutes OR MORE!! and you being able to hang in there !! That is your goal !! The more often we see each other the long this portion will last.

Ok, back to what we are doing ! This type of erogenous zone stimulation is beneficial to those with PE and ED. This type of massage builds up the energy in the Lingam and lets it subside and then build up again. (As mentioned before, also improves your stamina). Many men have told me they suffer from PE and there is not a lot of options out there to treat this. Well, this type of tantra session helps train you to be in control again !!

During this stage, not only will the Lingam be stimulated, but also the testicles, perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus) and the prostate (externally). This will open you to pleasures that you may not be familiar with.

Firstly, you will need to relax and enjoy the process of receiving. This is one of the main reasons you seek company from the online sites. You are looking for attention and affection. It is about YOU !! Typically, men have been conditioned to believe that it is more manly to give in the bedroom, that to be a better sexual partner the must be “goal oriented.” Here I want you to be on the receiving end and not worry about how you NEED to perform.


I will begin with you laying on your back. I will place a pillow under your head so that you can watch as proceed with the stage of your session. I will have you spread your legs apart with the knees slightly bent. I will pour some oil on the shaft of the Lingam and will gently begin rubbing your thighs, pelvic area and the testicles. I know this is a sensitive area, so my touch will be firm but gentle.


I will watch for your cues here and encourage you to tell me what is just right for you. Some men can't stand to have their testicles touched at all, while others enjoy stronger handling. I will start gently and slowly add pressure. If you are sensitive, breathe and bare through it as the sensitivity should pass as I continue to rub the area.


As I am doing this, I want you to breathe deeply and relax. Good breathing helps to get you into a deeper state of relaxation.


Finally, I will place my hand on your Lingam. As I work the shaft, I will gently squeeze the Lingam at the base with my right hand, and pull up, sliding completely off. Then do the same with my left hand—squeezing the Lingam at the base, and pulling up, sliding completely off. Then do this again with my right, then my left, and so on. After a while, I will change directions—slide alternating hands from the top down to the base. Then, I will take the Lingam between both my hands and rub my hands quickly back and forth, as if I were starting a fire. I will hold the Lingam by the head and gently shake it back and forth. I will thoroughly massage the head by cupping it in my palm and turning my wrist, making a "juicing" motion (as if I were juicing an orange).


I will then move from the Lingam to the testicles to the perineum (the place between the scrotum and the anus) and back again, noting your responses as I proceed. My stimulation of the perineum is as simple and firm downward rubbing to stimulate the area.


If, at any point, I see or feel that you are close to releasing, I have several techniques to help delay that moment.


I will slow my movements to reduce stimulation and let you cool down before beginning again. If you are very close, but not past the "point of no return." I will delay your releasing by squeezing the tip of your Lingam between my thumb and forefinger. I will squeeze firmly and hold it for about thirty seconds. I will remind you to take deep breaths and work thru the moment.


Another way for me to delay your release is moving to the sacred spot. I will decrease stimulation on the Lingam and increase stimulation on the sacred spot, which should help decrease the urge to release.


If you and I can hold back your release at least six times, a tremendous amount of sexual energy will be stored so that when it comes time to release it will probably be much more intense than usual. Remember to take deep breaths even as you release

( if you need to get a visual of what I have just described)


Now, after reading the details of the tantric session in combination with the Lingam Massage, you would prefer my more traditional Rub, please just say so. I still offer the 3 Touch Type Sensual Rub Session with my traditional Geisha Style finish. Here is a link to the video that shows the techniques of my


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